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If you want parts, that's great !

If you need a solution, we can work up alternatives.  If you require all new or a mix of new and manufacturer authorized remanufactured, we can lay out options with different price points to fit your budget. 

If you need software ~  lets talk

For example:  50 seats of Microsoft Open Lic for Windows Server, 120 seats of Symanted Endpoint Protection, 35 seats of Veritas BUE, etc...  And much more...

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Vectronics is experienced and being in business since 1991, illustrates our commitment to you, the customer, adapting to new technology and being able to bring value in terms of price and what you get from us.    We've seen a lot and draw from that history as well as embrace the current trends.

HPE RENEW Program offered through Vectronics !!

** A must read if you need HPE **

The HPE Renew Program offers an extensive portfolio of quality remanufactured products as a complement to their brand new parts, systems and storage.    HPE Renew offers recertified products that are current technologies and guaranteed to be of the same quality as new.  HPE Renew offers the same original warranty as if it were coming out of the new channel.

Expect substantially lower prices, custom configurations available and quick turn around.  As an Authorized HPE Partner, Vectronics Marketing has been offering the HPE Renew program for many years.   Awesome pricing and great product selections flow through the program.   You can find Servers, Storage, Upgrades & Options and Software & Services.   HPE Renew is offered only through Authorized Partners and the inventory changes daily.  So please contact me and we can come up with a solution that will fit your requirements and totally excite your CFO.

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When you work with Vectronics, you will have an option of having vendor support provided through us.  Either hardware or software support, it's easy to add.  

Vectronics will also track your support renewals and can combine or co-term like vendor support contracts, should you like to consolodate.